Danny Vargas for Delegate - 86th District

Improve Transportation. Strengthen Public Education. Grow Our Economy.

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  • Delegate Tom Rust
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  • Giselle Fernandez
  • Justin Exner
  • Alfredo Casta
  • Stu Mendelsohn
  • Mark Moore
  • Once I announced my decision to retire, I contacted Danny Vargas to ask if he would be interested in running for delegate in the 86th district. … Danny will make an excellent delegate.

    Delegate Tom Rust
  • Mr. Vargas’ message on education, transportation, and the economy have proven attractive to both sides of the aisle…It is his common sense policies and solutions-oriented outlook that are needed most in Virginia.

    NextGen GOP
  • I’m a die hard Democrat who loves Danny Vargas. He’s a man of integrity, intelligence and love for his country. We many not agree on all issues, but he has a quality in leadership that transcends politics. He is trustworthy – a man you can trust to do as he says and believes is right. He’s a bridge builder and we need more leaders like him on both sides of the aisle.

    Giselle Fernandez

  • Over the decade of knowing Mr. Vargas, he has been driven to make Northern Virginia a better place to live and work.  I have always admired his drive, integrity and leadership skills—these qualities make him a wise and logical choice as the next Delegate for the constituents of the 86th District.

    Justin Exner
  • Danny Vargas is a business leader who understands what Virginia needs to do to stay as one of the top states for businesses in the country!  Small businesses drive our economy and create jobs and Danny understands that.  As a business owner, I am confident Danny’s leadership in the House of Delegates will propel Virginia once again to the number one spot

    Alfredo Casta
  • Danny is a long-time business and community leader who has helped build this community and as Delegate he will continue to serve all of us in making our community a great place to live, work and play.

    Stu Mendelsohn
  • Danny is someone we can all count on to do what is right for his district, and for the Commonwealth of Virginia as a whole. He has a solid understanding of business issues and how politics work in Virginia. He knows what is important and what is not.

    Mark Moore